Introducing the ME Shrinkwrap Machine Selector Tool

Machine Selector Tool Step 4

We are excited to be able to introduce our customers to the brand new Machine Selector Tool to help prospective customers easily select the best machine for their particular needs.

Whether you requirement for Shrinkwrapping machinery is for display and presentation wrapping purposes, or to ensure product security and stability during transportation, this handy selector tool will provide you with the ideal machine to suit your individual requirements, taking into account the purpose of the machinery, and the desired speed and product output.

Easy to Use Machine Selector

Just a few simple clicks and the machine selector tool will provide you with the appropriate machine for shrink wrapping your products.  You’ll then get the opportunity to dig deeper into the machine’s capabilities, review machine specs, download brochures, and if required, contact our sales team for further discuss your shrink wrapping machinery needs.

Try out the machine selector tool today, or contact one of the ME Shrinkwrap team for more information about out entire shrink packaging range.