Take a moment to review our image gallery showing the various types of product shrink wrapping our machinery is capable of. 

Food & Drink

Tetley tea product shrink wrapping

Trays of Tetley tea product shrink wrapped for transit, protection and storage. 

Food Product Collations

Food product collation shrink wrapped for protection, transit and display.

Food drink confectionery shrinkwrap

Shrink wrapped collations of food and drinks products.

Taylors speciality tea shrinkwrapping

Taylors speciality tea carton shrink wrapped with polyolefin film.

Large tea carton shrinkwrapping

Large tea carton shrink wrap solution for presentation and protection purposes.

Shrinkwrapped Food Cartons

Selection of food carton shrink wrap solutions. 

Individual chocolate box wrapping

Individual Amadorro chocolate box with presentation quality shrink wrap finish.

Shrink wrap chocolate products

Shrink wrap solutions for chocolate products and confectionery.

shrink wrap for chocolates and confectionery

Shrink wrapping chocolate boxes and confectionery cartons not only keeps the product in pristine condition but will also help to keep the contents fresher, for longer!


Protective Shrink Wrap Workwear

Protective wrapping of work wear, flatwork, clothing, etc.,

Laundry Shrink Wrap Systems

Shrink wrapped bundles of freshly laundered towels, bed and table linens.

Individual Shrink Wrapped Towel

Protective wrapping solutions for individual and collated linen products, including towels.   

Industrial, Household & Building Products

Picture Frame Shrink Wrapping

Protective shrink wrapping solutions for picture frames and other household products.

Homewares Product Shrink Wrapping

Secure, protective shrink wrap solutions for homewares, tableware, bakeware, etc.,


Shrink wrap solutions for household products including paint tins, cans, etc,

Bakeware Household Product Wrapping

Bakeware and other household goods shrink wrap solutions offer protection during transit and display.

Print & Paper

Paper Print Product Shrinkwrapping

Selection of shrink wrapped paper and printed materials. 

Printed Materials Wrapping Solutions

Printed materials, brochures, booklets, magazines, etc, shrink wrapped for protection, display and transit purposes.

Shrink Wrapped Calendars

Variety of calendars of varying sizes which have been shrink wrapped for protection and display purposes. 

Shrink Wrapping Stationery

Gift cards and other personalised stationery benefits from secure, protective shrink wrapping. 

Shrink Wrap Solutions for Magazine

Shrinkwrapping of magazines, books and other literature provides protection during transit and whilst out on display.

Paper Product Group Shrinkwrap

Product brochures and booklets shrink wrapped for protection, display and transit purposes.

Reams of Paper Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrap solutions for individual and multi-pack reams of paper, including printed office stationery, forms, and copy paper.

Shrink Wrapping for Books

Shrink wrapping paper products such as books ensures they are kept clean and in good condition whilst out on display and during transit.

Stationery Shrink Wrap Solutions

Envelopes, note pads, memo pads, file folders, binders, etc., are all products that benefit from being shrink wrapped for protection, transit, storage and display. 

Cosmetics, Personal Care & Pharmaceutical

Baby Bottle Shrink Wrapping

Shrink wrapping for baby products and other pharmaceutical items.

Cosmetics Pharma Product Shrinkwrapping

Cosmetics, Toiletries and Pharmaceutical shrink wrapped product group.

Presentation Shrink Wrap Soap

Presentation quality shrink wrapping solutions for personal care products.

Test Tube Tray Protective Wrapping

Pharmaceutical product shrink wrapping solutions. Trays of test tubes shrink wrapped for protection. 

Toiletries Shrinkwrap Solutions

Shrink wrapping solutions for toiletries and personal care products.

Games & Entertainment

Games Shrink Wrap Solutions

Selection of shrink wrapped games and digital media items. 

Puzzle Box Shrink Wrapping Solutions

Shrink wrapping for children's toys and games including puzzle boxes.

Digital Media Packaging Solutions

Shrink wrapping solutions for digital media, cd's, etc.,

Shrink Wrapped CD's

Shrink wrap systems for wrapping digital media formats including CD's and DVD's, video cases and more.

Toys Games Group Shrink Wrap

Selection of children's toys shrink wrapped for presentation and protection. 

Lego Box Shrink Wrap

Individual Lego box shrink-wrapped for protection and presentation purposes. 

Co Packing & Logistics

Cadbury product co-packing

Shrink wrapped trays of Cadbury hot chocolate drinks product.

Co-packing tea cartons

Co-packing shrink wrap solutions for tea cartons.

Pharmaceuticals co-packing

Multipack trays of pharma test tubes wrapped for product protection.

Soap bottle shrinkwrapping copacking

Shrink wrapped collations of soap bottles.

Shrink wrapped paint can collations

Collations of paint cans shrinkwrapped in BOPP film