Drink & Food Shrink Wrapping Machinery

food and drink products

Typically products despatched or distributed to shops, supermarkets and warehouses arrive either in shelf ready packaging, shrink-wrapped trays of food and drinks products, or collated and wrapped loosely without a tray. The type of machine selected will be greatly dependent on the speed required, and the strength of the protective packaging needed.  Our range of shrink packaging machinery allows for both manual, slow speed production up to high speed in-line fully automatic product handling and wrapping systems.

Why shrink wrap food and beverage products

Shrinkwrapping film is a consistent effective means of protecting the product during transit and for product display.

  • Protection – Helps to protect the product from moisture and dust, keeping your product in good condition
  • Transportation – Helps to stop damage during transit from distribution points to end user
  • Product enhancement – Makes product stand out whilst on display
  • Marketing – Printed film for wrapping multipacks in a pre-registered printed film

What shrink wrap solution do I need

In general, for food and beverage products, you will require a polythene film for transit packs, and polyolefin for presentation packs – these would be used mainly on our Semi Auto or Automatic L-Sealer for presentation, and our Semi Auto or Automatic Sleeve sealer for transit packs.  These machines wrap the following:

  • Naked collations
  • Tray/base card collations

For more information about the ME Shrinkwrap range of machinery please get in touch today via our contact form or call us on 01202 870 201.