Drink & Food Shrink Wrapping Machinery

food and drink products

The food and drinks industry is a large consumer of both shrink wrapping machines and materials. Shrink wrapping is used for both the primary presentation wrap for products such as confectionery as well as being used for transit packs.

Shrink wrapped food trays
Typically products despatched to the supermarkets arrive either in shelf ready packaging, shrink-wrapped trays of food products or collated and wrapped loosely without a tray. Shrink wrapping using either polyethene or polyolefin can be used for all these packaging styles and the machinery selected depends greatly on the speed of the application and the strength of the protective packaging required.

Printed film shrink wrap for drinks cans

A recent market development has been the requirement to package collations of drinks cans in printed film. To achieve this ME Shrinkwrap supplies machinery that uses a single roll of printed shrink film which is registered and precisely cut to length during the wrapping process.

Automatic product handling systems for food & drinks
Marden Edwards Shrinkwrap supplies machinery for all forms of drinks and food shrinkwrapping, with either collating systems for loose bottles and packs or in-line production for pre-loaded cardboard trays and shelf ready packs. The range of shrink packaging machinery allows for both manual, slow speed production up to high speed in-line fully automatic product handling and wrapping systems.