Shrink Wrapping for Industrial, Household & Building Products

Industrial and household products

L-sealing or side sealing machines are particularly suitable for wrapping building products where a simple bag is required to fully protect the product before distribution.  Sleeve wrapping systems lend themselves well to large format items, such as kitchen furniture, because there is no limit to the length of product that can be fed through a sleeve wrapper.

What type of products do you shrink wrap

ME Shrinkwrap machines wrap a wide range of household and industrial products. We supply both manual and fully automatic machines to suit this industry. Each machine can wrap a range of products lines, for example:

  • Cleaning products
  • Paints
  • Household appliances – ironing boards, clothes dryers, radiators, etc,.
  • Timber products
  • Industrial wipes

Which machine do I need to wrap my products

Our machines have different wrapping capabilities based on speed requirements and product size.

  • Chamber L Sealer – speeds up to 6-8 packs per minute
  • Semi-Automatic L Sealer – speeds up to 10-12 packs per minute
  • Fully Automatic L Sealer – speeds up to 20 packs per minute
  • Fully Automatic Sleeve Sealer – speeds up to 28 packs per minute

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