Shrink Wrapping for Industrial, Household & Building Products

Industrial and household products

Shrink wrapping is used to wrap a vast array of industrial, building and household products with both presentation and transit wrapping being used.

L-sealing or side sealing machines are particularly suitable for building products, where a simple bag is required to fully protect the product before distribution. Most items can also be shrinkwrapped with the addition of a heat tunnel using either Polyolefin or Polyethylene films.

Side Sealing or L sealing is often used for wrapping wood products, such as picture frames, flooring, mouldings and mirrors where it is essential the product is not scratched before it reaches the consumer.

Sleeve wrapping machinery for large format products

Sleeve wrapping systems lend themselves well to large format items, such as kitchen furniture. Because there is no limit to the length of product that can be fed through a sleeve wrapper, long items are well suited to be wrapped in Polyethylene. ME Shrinkwrap specialises in the supply of the product handling systems necessary to convey the product into the shrink wrapper.

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