Print & Paper Shrink Wrapping Machines

print and paper product packaging

The print and paper industries use shrink wrapping machines for both presentation and transit wrapping purposes. The types of products wrapped range from collations of envelopes through to stacks of magazines for distribution.

Point of sale protection – enclosed overwrap

Many print work customers specify that the finished printed products, be they loose leaf exercise books, business forms or large format calendars are protected at the point of sale. L-sealing machines are ideal for handling the large size range of products produced and for providing a completely enclosed overwrap. The use of special property, low shrink polyolefin films ensures that no curl is imparted into the product during the wrapping process. For very low-speed applications a low-cost chamber machine is ideal whilst a side sealer shrink wrapping machine is capable of speeds up to 120 wraps per minute.

Sleeve wrapping solutions for magazine stack overwrapping

For magazine production, two-reel sleeve wrapping machines are often used to overwrap the stacks of magazines or books. By using wide film and special shrink tunnel venting it is possible to completely enclose the polyethene wrapped pack. ME Shrinkwrap provides print and paper overwrap solutions with the supply of both low speed, hand fed machines as well as fully integrated 30 packs per minute systems.