Cosmetics & Personal Care Product Shrink Wrapping

Cosmetics, Toiletries and Pharmaceutical product shrinkwrapping

Shrink Wrapping and overwrapping are used for the presentation wrap around individual cosmetic and perfume cartons. Depending upon the customer requirement, a shrink wrap finish can be provided by any of ME Shrinkwrap L Sealing machines or, if a diamond point end fold is required, one of Marden Edwards Limited overwrappers.

Shrinkwrap solutions for custom shaped cosmetics products

For irregularly shaped gift sets, or for when a special offer requires two packs be collated together, a chamber or semi-automatic L sealing machine is ideal. Because the product is stationary when the sealing takes place and it is loaded into the machine by hand, the stability of the product is not a problem.

Integrated collation system

Collating two-reel sleeve wrappers are often used for transit packs of cosmetic and toiletry products. The product is fed to the machine from the side and the integrated collating system produces the required collation format before it is pushed through the film web. All ME Shrinkwrap range of machines can be supplied with an integrated collation system.

ME Shrinkwrap provides shrink wrap machine solutions for the packaging of personal care products, toiletries and cosmetics. Call us today on 01202 861 200 or get in touch via our contact form.