cosmetics shrink wrapping provides protection for products during transit, storage and display.

Cosmetics & Personal Care Product Shrink Wrapping

Shrink Wrapping and overwrapping are used for the presentation wrap around individual cosmetics and perfume cartons. Depending upon the customer requirement, a shrink wrap finish can be provided by any of ME Shrinkwrap L-Sealer machines or, if a diamond point end fold is required, one of Marden Edwards Limited overwrappers.

Shrink wrapping solutions for baby products
Toiletries, Personal Care Product Shrink Wrapping
Pharmaceutical test tubes

Why shrink wrap cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and healthcare products?

Cosmetics shrink wrapping provides several benefits to enhance and protect your products, including:

  • Tamper evidence – provides a protective seal around the product
  • Enhanced product appeal
  • Shelf ready presentation
  • Promotional opportunities – 2 for 1 product promotion, mix and match promotion for smaller retail outlets.

Frequently used shrink wrap machines for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and personal care products

What machine is suitable for healthcare and toiletries wrapping?

A wide range of shrink wrap machine solutions are available dependent on your requirements. ME Shrinkwrap provide the following machines ideal for the personal care sector:

  • Semi-Auto L Sealer - wrapping speeds up to 10-12 packs per minute
  • Automatic L Sealer - wrapping speeds up to 20 packs per minute
  • Automatic Sleeve Sealer - wrapping speeds up to 28 packs per minute

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