shrink wrapping electronics products for protection, as well as providing tamper evidence

Games & Electronics Products Shrink Wrapping

L sealing is used predominantly for shrink wrapping smaller electronics products to ensure they cannot be removed from a packaged box prior to leaving a retail store.  This would apply to games products, smart devices, other electronics and entertainment products.  Whilst the consumer can be assured that the contents of their purchase is intact and has not been tampered with, the retailer benefits from knowing they cannot have sold an empty case or other product, and can resist consumers claiming otherwise.

What kind of products are shrink wrapped in the entertainment, electronic devices and games sector?

ME Shrinkwrap offer a range of manual to fully automatic shrink wrap machines which are ideal for wrapping a variety of boxed games, electronic devices and entertainment goods. Each machine can wrap a range of products lines, including:

  • Smart devices – mobile phones, tablets, etc.
  • Shavers, hair dryers, etc.,
  • Board games, puzzles
  • Vinyl, LP’s
  • Model making

Frequently used shrink wrap machines for electronic devices, games and entertainment products

What are the machine wrapping capabilities?

Our shrinkwrapper range offers customers a choice of wrapping systems dependent on their particular requirements. ME Shrinkwrap provide the following machine solutions for shrink wrapping electronics and household appliances, as well as games and entertainment products:

  • Manual Semi-Automatic L Sealer – speeds up to 10 - 12 packs per minute
  • Fully Automatic L Sealer – speeds up to 20 packs per minute
  • Fully Automatic Side Sealer – speeds up to 120 packs per minute

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