Semi-Auto L Sealer

Our Semi-Automatic shrinkwrapping system (MES 602) consists of a single frame l sealer and exit conveyor belt.

This l sealer machine is a robust and economical l sealer specifically aimed at the laundry industry. Ideal for bagging bundles of laundry using polythene, pcw polythene or polyolefin films.

Semi Automatic L Sealer

Semi-Auto L Sealer Wrapper

Features of the MES 602 include:

  • Manual intervention by an operator
  • The system automatically moves the product from the seal area
  • Cost effective capital outlay for small batch production

What is the difference between a manual Shrink Wrapper and Semi-Automatic L-Sealer?

Both machines are ideal for presentation purposes. Where the L-sealer differs is that part of the machine wrapping process is automated after sealing.

Shrink Wrapped Individual Laundry Items
Freshly Laundered Towels Shrinkwrapped for Protection
Shrink Wrap for textiles, workwear, flatwork, clothing, etc.,

  • Semi-Auto L Sealer Technical Data

L-Sealer capabilities over other Shrink Wrapping Machines

Due to its automated capabilities, the Semi Auto machine allows for:

  • Wind handle adjustable deck
  • Perforator device
  • Supplied on castors for easy manoeuvrability
  • Can be standalone or linked to a shrink tunnel
  • Low electrical consumption

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