Shrink Wrap Film

To achieve the highest possible machine efficiencies it is important that a good shrink wrapping film of consistent quality is used. ME Shrinkwrap supplies a complete range of industrial shrink wrap films that have been fully tested to ensure efficient running on all ME shrink wrapping machines.

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Presentation Films

Shrink wrapping for presentation purposes should provide a superbly smooth skin tight, tamperproof finish to a wide range of items including the shrinkwrapping of food products, beverages, printed products and more.

  • Polyolefin film: These films are the most commonly used for fully automatic L sealers, semi-auto L sealers and shrink chamber machines.
  • Available from 9 micron to 38 micron. Special film types available on request.
  • PVC thickness: 17, 19, 25 & 38 micron.


shrink wrap film for presentation purposes

Transportation Films

The primary purpose of protective and transit collation film is to protect single items or collations of products, such as cans, bottles and jars. These can either be placed in a cardboard tray or collated and wrapped loose.

  • Polyethylene shrink packaging film: single wound for manual or fully automatic sleeve sealer.
  • Polyethylene film thickness: 12 to 150 micron, various shrink ratios and slip rates.
  • Film is sealed around product or collation as a loose sleeve.
  • Extremely strong finished product.
  • Ideal for palletising for transportation from manufacturer to wholesale or supermarket.
shrink wrapping film for transit purposes

Presentation & Transportation Shrink Wrap Films

We supply a selection of shrink wrapping films which can be ordered online.  Find out why these are the best option for shrinkwrapping your products for presentation purposes, as well as for safe and durable product distribution and transit purposes.

Presentation Quality Films:

  • Polyolefin: ideal for consumable material, non-toxic, corrosion free, exception seal strength and shrink performance.
  • PVC: Glossy, clear, tamperproof finish, becomes rigid after heating, not suitable for food products.

Transportation Quality Shrink Wrap Film:

  • Polyethylene: extremely durable and pliable, ideal for shrink wrapping heavier products, puncture resistant, rot resistant, shrinks whilst it cools rather than during the heating process.