High Speed Side Sealer with Heat Shrink Tunnel

For higher shrink wrapping speeds, utilise ME Shrinkwrap’s intermittent and continuous motion style shrink wrappers.

high speed side sealer machine

Continuous & Intermittent Motion Style Shrink Wrappers

Our high speed intermittent side sealing machine with heat shrink tunnel is capable of shrink wrapping almost any length of product.

What are the benefits of using a side sealer shrink wrapper?

The side sealer provides automatic transfer of the products from the feed conveyor and sealer through the tunnel, without manual intervention. Other features include:

  • Higher wrapping speeds
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced film widths possible via continuous motion
  • Intermittent motion or continuous motion available

Shrink wrap packaging for games and puzzle boxes
paper and print products shrinkwrapped
shrink wrapped tea boxes

  • High Speed Side Sealer with Heat Shrink Tunnel Technical Data

What is the wrapping capabilities of a side sealer wrapping machine?

The preferred machine for customers who wish to wrap a range of products at high speed, the side sealer delivers the final wrapped product with a presentation quality finish. Other machine features include:

  • Product recipe menu
  • Wrapping speeds of up to 120 packs per minute / 7,200 per hour subject to pack size
  • Infeed conveyor options
  • Up to 1100mm wide sealing bar

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Options available for ME 530 series and MES S-30A series side sealers:

Closing Conveyor, Product Collating, Polyethylene Blades, Bespoke Safety Levels, Alternative PLC’s, Low Film Warning, Line Integration, Stainless Steel (INOX), Opposite Handing.

Options available for MES-61 to MES-65 shrink tunnels:

Close Pitch Rollers, Opposite Handing, Stainless Steel.