Shrink wrapped laundry - bundle of freshly laundered towels

Commercial Shrink Wrapping Machinery

ME Shrinkwrap has traditionally been the commercial laundry industry’s first choice for laundry shrink wrapping machines, supplying suitably robust machinery to work in a continuous production environment.

Wrapping solutions for the Laundry industry

We supply both manual, semi-auto L-sealer and fully automatic machines used in the laundry industry to wrap the following applications:

  • Workwear – manual or automatic machines are used to fully enclose workwear or cleanroom garments in the healthcare industry.
  • Flatwork – towels, sheets and tablecloths – usually these would be fully automatic machines, either sleeve sealer, l-sealer or side sealer.

Frequently used Shrink Wrappers for Commercial Laundry companies

What speeds can be achieved to shrink wrap laundry products?

Various speeds can be achieved and this is dependent on the type of laundry shrink wrap machine selected. We have a range machinery for shrink wrapping laundry products as follows (note that the speed achieved will be subject to product size and feeding system speeds):

  • Semi-Auto L Sealer - speeds up to 10-12 packs per minute
  • Fully Automatic L Sealer - speeds up to 20 packs per minute
  • Fully Automatic Sleeve Sealer - speeds up to 28 packs per minute

For more information about the ME Shrinkwrap range of machinery please get in touch today via our contact form or call us on 01202 870 201.