Commercial Laundry Wrapping Equipment

laundry bundles packaging

ME Shrinkwrap has traditionally been the commercial laundry industries first choice for laundry shrink wrapping equipment and has provided shrink wrapping machinery to a diverse range of markets.

Commercial laundry usage
Shrink wrapping in the laundry industry is used to protect the cleaned product before it arrives at its final destination, be it a blanket for use with an airline or a bundle of towels for supply to a hospital.

Laundry shrink wrapping machines

Where a straightforward bag is required to protect a garment or blanket, an L-sealer is the ideal system. If no shrinking is applied to an L-sealed pack, the resulting loose bag produces an ideal protective covering. ME Shrinkwrap automatic L-sealers can use both polyolefins or, predominantly for the laundry industry, low-cost polyethene. Systems can either be low speed and manual or fully automatic, depending on volume.

Shrink wrap equipment for high volume laundries

For the large scale laundry where high volumes of towels or garments are being laundered and ironed, ME Shrinkwrap supplies fully automatic sleeve wrapping systems for speeds up to 25 per minute. Using thin, low cost, 30-micron polyethene, randomly sized laundered products can all be completely enclosed in film. Through heat shrinking, the enclosed pack can be reduced in volume, making distribution easier when compared to wrapping in paper.

Many years of experience in the laundry industry means that the shrink wrapping machines supplied are suitably robust to work in a continuous production environment. ME Shrinkwrap has developed a range of ancillary equipment to feed the shrink wrapper to ensure that multiple production lines can feed one wrapper and centralisation systems ensure that the garments are correctly positioned before wrapping.