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Chamber Shrink Wrapping Machines

Chamber L Sealer

Manual Chamber – MES 455 & 680

The chamber shrink wrapping machine is an all in one shrink wrap solution for presentation quality wrapping. It is the lowest cost method of producing a presentation quality shrink wrap.

Chamber machine specs

This entry level shrink wrapper, manual chamber machine uses a polyolefin film to achieve an all over shrinkwrap presentation pack. Productivity rates of around 360 packs per hour can be achieved subject to the product and speed of the operator. This machine comes complete with its own stand and waste basket.

The ME Shrinkwrap chamber machine range comprises of two machines, the MES 455 and the MES 680.

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Chamber Machine Technical Data

Chamber Shrink Wrapper video

Watch our video demonstration of the Chamber Machine wrapping confectionery boxes.

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Chamber Machine Shrinkwrapper brochure

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