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Shrink Chamber Machines

ME Shrinkwrap’s Chamber Shrink Wrapper is an all-in-one shrink wrap solution for presentation quality wrapping.

Shrink Chamber Machines are the lowest cost machinery in our range and will produce a display quality shrink wrap finish.

Shrink Chamber Machine

Chamber Wrapping Machines - MES 455 & 680 

Benefits of our chamber shrink wrapper:

  • Entry level, small shrink wrap machine
  • Cost effective – economic running costs
  • Compact machine design – minimal floor space usage
  • Can be used in an office and factory environment
  • Mounted on wheels for easy relocation

What is a manual shrink wrapper machine?

A manual chamber shrink wrapper is where the operator manually loads individual products between the shrink wrapping film and then transfers the product to the sealing area by hand. The chamber is closed, then the shrinking and sealing process is completed automatically by the machine.  The shrink-wrapped product is then manually removed by the operator.

Paper Ream Stack
Chocolate Carton Shrinkwrapped
Picture Frames, Wall Art Shrink Wrapping

  • Shrink Chamber Machines Technical Data

What are the capabilities of a chamber shrink wrapper?

Our manual shrink wrappers are suitable for wrapping a wide range of products from all market sectors.

Features of a chamber shrink wrapping machine:

  • Wraps individual or collated products
  • Speeds of up to 8 packs per minute / 480 per hour - subject to pack size
  • 13-amp 3 pin plug for MES 455
  • 3 Phase for MES 680
  • Simple to operate
  • Suitable for shrink wrapping small boxes, cartons, and packages

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