Automatic Sleeve Wrapping Machine with Heat Shrink Tunnel

Automatic Sleeve Wrapping Machine with Heat Shrink Tunnel

Versatile Sleeve Sealing Machines

ME Shrinkwrap’s fully automated Sleeve Sealer is designed to be robust, easy to operate, and maintain at low cost.  The system comprises of a Sleeve Wrapper (AS) and a Heat Shrink Tunnel (HST).

I want to wrap my product for transportation purposes

The Automatic Sleeve Wrapper is an ideal solution if you wish to wrap your product for transportation purposes. This inline high-speed machine is suitable for high volume production:

  • Wrapping speeds up to 28 collations per minute / 1,680 per hour subject to pack size
  • Modular construction of the infeed and outfeed belts
  • High productivity and low maintenance
  • PLC controlled with line integration available

What type of products are wrapped on the Automatic Sleeve Sealer

This is a versatile machine capable of wrapping a range of products, mainly for transportation and distribution purposes, including:

  • Laundered products – workwear, towels etc.
  • Household products – spray, wood framed objects etc.
  • Food & Drink collations – confectionery, tea etc.
  • Building products – timber, paint pots etc.
  • Print & Paper – magazines, newspapers etc.

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Options available for the AS & HST Series:

Small End Roller Conveyors, Film Perforation, Polyethylene Blades, Bespoke Safety Levels, Low Film Warning, Line Integration, Opposite Hand Controls, Product Collating, Film Run Out Warning, Closing Conveyor, Touch screen HMI, Machine Colour, Food Grade Increased IP rating, Sid Feed Left or Right, Side Feed with Stacker, Remote Height Adjust, Heated Seal Strip, Film Reservoir, Height Hunting, Product Clamp, Single Magazine Capability, Aerosol Safety Capability, Pack Cooler, End Finish Rollers, Quick Release Lint Filters, CO2 Injection for Tunnel.

Take a look at ME Shrinkwrap's semi-auto sleeve sealer as an alternative to the fully automated model.

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