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Semi-Automatic Sleeve Wrapping Machines

Available in 50, 70 & 90cm blade width, this combination sleeve wrapper provides pack size shrink wrapping flexibility utilising Polyethylene film.

Features of the MES 50/70/90P Sleeve Wrap Machines

The operator loads the machine with either a single product, or product collations. Generally, this particular sleeve wrap machine model is used for shrink wrapping product for transportation and distribution.

Features include:

  • Entry level machine model
  • Up to 12 collations per minute / 720 per hour (subject to pack size – see specification for full details)
  • Small footprint
  • Wheel mounted for easy relocation

What type of products do these sleeve wrap machines shrink wrap

Mainly used for transportation wrapping of the following products:

  • Household products
  • Food collations
  • Building products

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Options Available for Semi Auto Sleeve Wrappers:

Opposite Hand Controls, Machine Colour, Food Grade, Increased IP rating, Festo Pneumatics, Other Voltages, Bespoke Safety Level.

The ME Shrinkwrap range also includes our fully automatic sleeve sealer providing wrapping speeds of up to 28 collations per minute.