High Speed Side Sealer with Heat Shrink Tunnel

Continuous Motion Style Machinery

For even higher speed shrink wrapping it is necessary to move to a continuous or intermittent motion style of machinery, the Side Sealing machine. This range is capable of wrapping speeds up to 180 products per minute. The machine measures the length of the product being wrapped, and then a single sealing bar cuts and seals the film across the width of the machine. A continuous motion cutting and sealing blade system produces the lateral seal.

Higher Wrapping Speeds

The advantage of this machine, over any other, is that it can shrink wrap almost any length of product. Since the machine spends less time sealing the film than a conventional L-Sealer, the film is almost continuously moving resulting in higher wrapping speeds.

Side Sealer Technical Data

Options available for MES S30 series side sealer:

  • Closing Conveyor, Product Collating, polyethylene Blades, Bespoke, Safety Levels, Alternative PLC’s, Low Film Warning, Line Integration, Stainless Steel, Opposite Handing.

Options available for MES T62 shrink tunnel:

  • Close Pitch Rollers, Opposite Handing, Stainless Steel.