MES – SS Series & MES T62 Shrink Tunnel Technical Data

Side Sealer technical data
Our side sealer with heat shrink tunnel offers excellent performance as well as value for money. Review the machine technical data:

MES S30 Series
Speed40-120 packs per minute / 2,400-7,200 per hour maximum *
Sealing Dimension60-800mm (l) x 40-230mm (w) x 5-150mm (h) (Product height dependant)
Film TypePolyolefin centre folded 8-35um
Maximum Film Reel Width400mm
Machine Dimensions2855mm (l) x 1060mm (w) x 1320mm (h) (includes heat tunnel)
Power Supply250V 50Hz 13amp single phase
Max Power Consumption5.5KW
Working Pressure6 bar

* Maximum for this range, output speed depends on pack size. Other range, speeds and pack size capabilities are available.

Shrink Tunnel technical data
Review the MES T62 Shrink Tunnel technical data:

MES T62 Shrink Tunnel
Chamber Dimensions350mm (w) x 280mm (h) x 1200mm (l)
Machine Dimensions900mm (w) x 1160mm (h) x 1700mm (l)
Power Supply400V 50Hz 3 phase + neutral
Max Power Consumption14KW

Please download our high speed side sealer brochure to view all technical data and machine specification at your leisure.

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