MES 530 series, MES S-30A series, MES-61-65 Shrink Tunnel Technical Data

Side Sealer technical data
Our side sealer with heat shrink tunnel offers excellent performance as well as value for money. Review the machine technical data:

MES 530 Series - Intermittent MotionMES 530 Series - Intermittent MotionMES 530 Series - Intermittent Motion
Machine Size 1820mm(l) x 1605mm(w) x 1350mm(h)2240mm(l) x 2250mm(w) x 1480mm(h)238mm(l) x 2515mm(w) x 1490mm(h)
End Seal Bar530mm800mm950mm
Product Size80-∞mm(l) x 50-420mm(w) x 2-180mm(h)100-∞mm(l) x 80-600mm(w) x 2-180mm(h)200-∞mm(l) x 150-820mm(w) x 10-180mm(h)
Conveyor Speed10-30 per minute10-30 per minute10-30 per minute
Power Supply220v Single Phase220v Single Phase220v Single Phase
Pneumatic4 bar4 bar4 bar
MES S-30A series - Continuous MotionMES S-30A series - Continuous MotionMES S-30A series - Continuous Motion
Model MES-30AMES-50AMES-60A
Machine Size 2295mm(l) x 1160mm(w) x 1370mm(h)4100mm(l) x 1610mm(w) x 1370mm(h)4250mm(l) x 1760mm(w) x 1370mm(h)
End Seal Bar 380mm530mm680mm
Product Size 80-700mm(l) x 80-230mm(w) x 10-180mm(h)80-700mm(l) x 80-380mm(w) x 10-180mm(h)80-700mm(l) x 80-380mm(w) x 5-180mm(h)
Power 5kw5kw5kw
Pneumatic4 Bar4 Bar4 Bar

Shrink Tunnel technical data
Review the MES 61, 62, 63, 64, & 65 Shrink Tunnel technical data:

Shrink TunnelShrink TunnelShrink TunnelShrink TunnelShrink Tunnel
Model MES-61MES-62MES-63MES-64MES-65
Machine Size 1450mm(l) 860mm(w) 1080mm(h)1700mm(l) 900mm(w) 1160mm(h)2200mm(l) 1070mm(w) 1230mm(h)2200mm(l) 1090mm(w) 1230mm(h)2200mm(l) 1250mm(w) 1230mm(h)
Chamber Size1100mm(l) 300mm(w) 200mm(h)1200mm(l) 350mm(w) 280mm(h)1700mm(l) 440mm(w) 350mm(h)1700mm(l) 540mm(w) 350mm(h)1700mm(l) 700mm(w) 350mm(h)
Product Size280mm(w) 150mm(h)300mm(w) 230mm(h)400mm(w) 300mm(h)500mm(w) 300mm(h)650mm(w) 300mm(h)
Voltage400v 3 Phase400v 3 Phase400v 3 Phase400v 3 Phase400v 3 Phase
Conveyor Speed0-30min0-30min0-30min0-30min0-30min

Please download our high speed side sealer brochure to view all technical data and machine specification at your leisure.

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