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Digital Media Shrink Wrap Packaging Solutions

Shrink wrapping digital media with tamper-proof seals

For DVDs, electronic goods, software, games and smart devices the purpose of shrink wrapping is to ensure that the product has not been tampered with before it leaves the store.

Tamper proof shrink sealing machinery

L sealing is used predominantly to ensure that small items cannot be removed from a packaged games box before it has left the store. Similarly, for DVDs and computer games and smart devices, consumers are assured that the content of their purchases is intact. For the shop, the benefit is in knowing that it cannot have sold an empty case and can resist consumers claiming otherwise.

In-line packaging systems

ME Shrinkwrap offers a range of equipment for low-speed applications up to 60 packs per minute automatically fed in-line packaging systems. Often other equipment, such as coders and labellers can be integrated into the shrink wrapping machine.

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