AS75 supplied to pharmaceutical customer

Post date: 08 May 2008

Marden Edwards Shrinkwrap has recently supplied the new 'AS75' twin-reel shrink wrapping machine to Orbis Consumer Products in Wembley.  Orbis produce liquid suspensions of over the counter medicines which are packaged in cartoned glass bottles.

The sales unit for the cartoned bottles is either a 3, or 6 pack.  The Wraps UK (now ME Shrinkwrap) AS75 machine automatically takes a complete row of bottles from the cartoning machine and shrink wraps them in collations of 3 or 6 packs.

The Wrapping Process

The process is that the machine feeds the product from the side, then an integral transfer pusher produces the collation and transfers the pack through the film wrapping area.  Although the original request was for 20 collations per minute the 'Wraps UK' (ME Shrinkwrap) machine has been wrapping at a line speed of 22 per minute.

Thanks to Wraps UK machines being designed and manufactured in the UK, it was straightforward to meet Orbis’ request that a hand loading and sorting station be incorporated into the in-feed of the machine.  This provided the production flexibility that Orbis required to wrap collations of products both with and without cardboard base trays.

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