Biodegradable Packaging

Leading UK based overwrapping machinery manufacturer Marden Edwards has recently supplied one of its popular B100FF machines to a French producer of herbal infusions to produce a high-quality wrap on its cartons using a biodegradable film.

The B100FF is an extremely flexible machine used throughout the tea and coffee industries as well as in other applications where shelf appeal is paramount. It can handle a wide range of carton sizes and produce an envelope or end-fold wrap using all types of heat sealable films.

The customer in France runs a small, artisan-style operation which has been using locally grown herbs to produce a range of boxed tea bags since the 1980s. The company maintains a responsible environmental policy and in keeping with this, looked at ways of making its packaging as environmentally friendly as possible, without detracting from the appearance.

This led to the choice of Biophan biodegradable film for overwrapping the cartons. Produced by Treofan, Biophan has similar aesthetic and handling characteristics to cellophane, however, it is produced from corn starch and can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way along with paper.  In an industrial composting plant, Biophan will break down completely to carbon dioxide and water within 45 days.

The positive film handling system used on Marden Edwards overwrappers is ideal for use with this new generation of wrapping films and the method of wrapping produces an attractive, high gas barrier overwrap. It is also more environmentally friendly than other methods of wrapping as there is no requirement to shrink the film around the pack, providing a considerable saving in energy usage.