More is less! Using On-Line Film Slitting to Reduce Wrapping Film Reel Inventory

Post date: 30 May 2008

One of the complaints regarding overwrapping, when compared to shrinkwrapping, has been the need to use a precise width of film.  On the other hand, shrinkwrapping, using large amounts of heat energy to shrink film around a product, has always been able to cope with oversize film and shrink to the correct size.  This means that products of a varying size can be wrapped without changing the film reel.

Multi Size Product Packaging

Marden Edwards overwrapping machines have always had a degree of tolerance to different sized products but generally speaking for each size of product being wrapped, a new width of film reel has been required.  For those users with many different products, this has always meant having a high inventory of film widths in stock and an increased material ordering complexity.  Until now.

Self-contained slitting unit

Following on from the highly successful integrated film slitting system built in as an option in the TM range of trailing edge seal over wrapping machines, Marden Edwards has launched a completely independent, retro-fit, self-contained film slitting unit that is suitable for use with all Marden Edwards overwrapping machines.

The system uses two film cutting knives mounted on a quick adjust spindle for precisely trimming a standard sized film reel to the perfect width required for overwrapping the product.  A motor driven film take-up system automatically removes any waste meaning that for short product runs the same reel can be used for many different sizes.

Precision film width

Not only does the user benefit from a vastly reduced inventory of film widths but also has the ability to precisely set the film width to produce the exactly required end fold appearance.  This is especially vital for the perfumes and cosmetics industry where a perfect presentation is a necessity.

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