New AS75 sleeve wrapper launched

Post date: 04 April 2008

Wraps UK (now ME Shrinkwrap) has just completed the first model in a brand new range of two-reel sleeve wrappers. The AS75 shrink wrapper has been sold to a major UK packaged tea supplier for shrink wrapping shelf ready trays of tea leaf cartons. The tea is either in a 6 or 12 pack plastic tray which is automatically fed through the film web by a conveyor.

The AS75 is the latest generation of sleeve wrapper produced by Wraps UK (ME Shrinkwrap). Drawing on over twenty years of machine building experience, the AS75 incorporates many improvements incorporated through listening to the needs of customers. Manufactured in Wraps UK’s Wimborne factory, the AS75 is more robust than ever before but is still easy to move around the production floor if required.

Machine Model Improvements

Improvements include:

  • A high level, easy access perimeter guarding system for great safety and machine visibility. 
  • Machine control and diagnostics are via an ergonomically positioned LCD display which allows the operator unprecedented control over the wrapping process. 
  • Both film reels are now mounted after the film sealing jaw enabling simple and speedy film thread up.
  • Improvements with both the pneumatics and machine controls mean that it is suitable for production rates greater than 20 products per minute. 
  • The thicker, folded frame is extremely strong making the machine very smooth in operation. 
  • The solid knife sealing jaw has been extended enabling film widths of up to 700mm to be used.

The AS75, in combination with one of Wraps UK (ME Shrinkwrap) manufactured heat shrink tunnels, provides a low-cost but high-performance shrink wrapping packaging system.

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