Pro2Pac features Wraps Semi-Automatic Demo

Pro2Pac is the UK’s only biennial processing and packaging exhibition dedicated entirely to the food & drink industry. Wraps Uk is pleased to demonstrate its

LST 50 semi-automatic L sealing machine on Stand F3B between the  15th to 18th of March 2009.

The LST 50 semi-automatic L sealing machine is an all in one shrink wrap solution for presentation wrapping. It consists of the sealing system and a continuously running heat shrink tunnel mounted onto a single frame.

The machine uses a single phase, 13 amp supply and since the machine is mounted on lockable castors it is easily moved about. The speed of operation is around 600 products per hour and requires an operator to be present at all times to load the product.

The product being wrapped is manually loaded into the centrefold film. The sealing and cutting head is manually lowered onto the film and is held in place with a solenoid.

After this point, the operation is fully automatic. The sealing head is released after a preset time and the wrapped product is automatically conveyed into the heat shrink tunnel. After the heat shrink tunnel, the product is either discharged onto a table or onto another conveyor.

Both polyolefin and PVC can be used with the LST 50 semi-automatic L sealing machine. The LST 50 can wrap a pack 380 x 500 mm.