Raising the bar on Overwrapping Quality

Post date: 14 October 2006

Having already made inroads into the French cosmetics and toiletries industries with the TM85 trailing edge overwrapper, Marden Edwards has launched the TM100 to produce the same excellent wrap quality on a greater range of carton sizes

The TM100 is ideal for all applications where shelf presentation is paramount; it produces an extremely tight, wrinkle freewrap with crisp end folds and a lateral seal position which is positioned on the trailing edge.

Jeremy Marden of Marden Edwards says, 

“Manufacturers wrapping cartons holding all types of toiletries and cosmetics, as well as gift items, high-quality confectionery, presentation packs of tea and other types of foods and beverages, can all benefit from the excellent appearance provided by the TM100.”

Informative Customer Feedback Results in Improved Product Development

The machine has been under development for some time and engineers from Marden Edwards consulted existing and potential customers about their requirements as far as pack presentation is concerned as well as operational considerations. They also received feedback from the company’s agent in France and benefited from their many years of experience in providing machinery to the French cosmetics and toiletries industries.  

TM100 Series Overwrapper

As well as wrap quality, simple “de-skilled”, rapid product size changes were a major concern and the machine Marden Edwards has designed not only meets but surpasses these requirements. The TM100 enhances the ability of the customer to fully control the quality and repeatability of the overwrap, to vary sealing the lateral sealing position and the size of the lateral seal, to have great visibility of the wrapping process and to rapidly change over from one size to another. The machine is also “protected” from damaging itself and the product in the event of an incorrectly loaded product by a series of electronic and mechanical overload systems. The pack itself is always handled as gently as possible via the extensive use of special low friction fabric for all pack contact parts. 

Machinery Incorporating the Latest Servo Technology 

The machine combines the latest servo technology coupled with traditional mechanical design. This means that all the motions that do not alter when the product is changed from one size to another are connected with cams and levers. The film draw and the pack transfer are driven by servo motor meaning that the film cut length is automatically set by the machine controller and the infeed pusher automatically optimises its position and stroke depending on the size of the pack. 

Additional Machine Options for Better Performance

Standard options for the machine include a film slitter and powered rewind unit allowing one film width to be stocked for many different sizes, a tear tape unit to add an easy open tab to assist unwrapping and a print registration system enabling the use of printed film.

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