Improve Product Safety and Efficiency with Sleeve Wrapping Machinery

Post date: 22 February 2024

semi-automatic combination sleeve shrinkwrapper

Are you searching for the perfect solution to streamline your product packaging process while ensuring the utmost safety and protection during transit? Look no further than our range of sleeve wrapping machinery. Designed to serve various industries, our semi-automatic sleeve wrappers offer versatility and efficiency.

Custom solutions for your packaging needs

With features that include: Opposite Hand Controls, Food Grade certification, and Bespoke Safety Levels, our semi-automatic shrink wrapping solutions are tailored to meet your specifications. Whether you're packaging household products, food collations, or building materials, our machines provide the ideal solution for secure transportation wrapping.

tea cartons shrink wrapped using semi automatic sleeve wrapping machine
Product cartons in trays shrink wrapped for transit

Sleeve Wrapping Machines: boosting packaging efficiency and productivity 

At ME Shrinkwrap, we recognise the importance of efficient packaging solutions as well as the cost-effectiveness of your packaging operations. That's why our sleeve wrappers are built to maximise the shrink packaging processes, ultimately saving you both time and money. From increased IP ratings to Festo Pneumatics, we offer a range of options to improve your packaging efficiency and productivity. 

Semi-Auto Sleeve Shrink Wrapper Video

Watch the simple wrapping process of the machine packaging trays of beverage products. 

Upgrade your packaging: call today to discuss your requirements

Are you ready to take your shrink packaging process to the next level? Contact us today, or call to speak to one of the ME Shrinkwrap team on 01202 870 201.  Let's discuss your needs and see how our sleeve wrapping machinery can take your packaging operations to a new level. Invest in quality, efficiency, and peace of mind with ME Shrinkwrap.

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