Sticky Memo Pad Overwrapping

Post date: 24 October 2006

Marden Edwards has been associated with memo pad wrapping almost ever since the product was introduced. Many of the major, and minor, producers of sticky memo pads have used Marden Edwards equipment, both for the individual pad and for the subsequent collations. 

The Development of Memo Pads

Over the last 25 years, the product has developed and so has the packaging. Originally produced as a block 3” wide by 3” long by 3/8” high, the memo pad has grown and shrunk in all dimensions. It has also grown in bundle size, extending up to 36 pads in one overwrapped collation. Extra paper colours have been introduced, adding extra complexity to coloured multipacks. 

All along the way, Marden Edwards has developed the necessary machinery to overwrap all possible configurations of memo pad, often on the same machine.

High-quality wrap

The most straightforward application is for the wrapping of the individual pad. Typically with a pack length of up to 5” and width 3”, speeds up to 225 packs per minute can be achieved with a trailing edge seal and the use of printed film. 

What makes the WR200 machine ideal for this application is its ability to cope with under and over height pads, as much as +/- 1mm, and still achieve a high-quality wrap. Product feeding can either be by hand or directly from the preceding cutting system.

Collating & Wrapping Process

Once the individual pad has been overwrapped, a Marden Edwards system can automatically collate and overwrap the bundle, in assorted pack orientations.

For extra versatility and high speed, the collator can be external to the overwrapping machine. For example, to produce a stack of 6 high memo pads, a stacking speed of 225 per minute would be required if carried out internally within the machine. 

Using an external collator, up to 10 collations can be produced simultaneously and then the completed collation is fed into the overwrapper.  Extra machine modules can be easily integrated to insert top sheets or even promotional pads on top of the collation before overwrapping.

Automatic feeding wrapping systems

For the multicoloured and small memo pads, Marden Edwards has developed hopper and automatic feeding systems enabling the different colours to be matched and collated. Individual pad sizes as small as 1.5” by 1.5” can be collated and wrapped, producing small triple packs or large 36 pad bulk packs.

Whether the memo pad collation is wrapped or unwrapped, already collated or a single pack, automatically or manually fed, high or low speed, Marden Edwards has an overwrapping solution that’s already tried and tested in many countries around the world. From the USA, through Europe to the Far East Marden Edwards have many installations dedicated to memo pad overwrapping.

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