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Semi Automatic L Sealer Machine

Semi Automatic Shrink Wrapper

Single frame L-Sealer Shrink Tunnel

Semi Auto L-Sealer – MES 455MT
The Semi-Automatic Shrinkwrapping system consists of an L-Sealer and Shrink Tunnel in a single frame. This machine separates the sealing and shrinking cycles for faster operation.

Adustable height for multi-product Packaging

Adjustable sealing is performed with the L-Sealer and is followed by shrinking in the compact Shrink Tunnel. The height of the Shrink Tunnel and sealing area are adjustable. The heated airflow inside the tunnel provides an excellent tight wrap finish all around the product.

Semi-Auto L Sealer Technical Data

Semi Auto L-Sealer video

Watch our video demonstration of the Semi Auto L-Sealer wrapping pharmaceutical cartons.

Download Machine Brochure

Semi Auto L-Sealer – MES 455 MT Shrinkwrapper Brochure (.pdf)

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