Semi-Automatic L Sealer Machine

Semi-automatic L Sealer machine

Semi-Auto L-Sealer Shrink Tunnel MES 455MT

Our Semi-Auto Shrinkwrapping system consists of a single frame L-Sealer and Shrink Tunnel. This machine separates the sealing and shrinking cycles which enables faster operation.

What is the difference between a manual shrink wrapper and Semi-Automatic L-Sealer machine

Both semi-automatic L-sealing machines and manual chamber machines are ideal for presentation purposes. Where the L-sealer differs is that part of the machine wrapping process is automated.

Features of the MES 455MT include:

  • Manual intervention by an operator
  • The system automatically moves the product from the seal area to the shrink tunnel
  • Cost effective capital outlay for small batch production
  • Consistency of wrap – heat tunnel maintains temperature

L-Sealer capabilities over other shrink wrapping machines

Due its automated capabilities, the Semi Auto L-Sealer allows for:

  • Individual or collated products
  • Speeds of up to 15 packs per minute / 900 per hour subject to pack size
  • Sealing line easily adjustable
  • Centring device from product to tunnel
  • No compressed air supply required

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